Spa Cuisines
All dishes are prepared with health in mind. Cooking method and ingredients are carefully chosen to present a tasty food that helps you to maintain your well being.

Tray 1 Skin Food

  • Fresh carrots and tomatoes juice
  • Chill carrots consomme "Vichy" style
  • "Papillote Cressi" in foiled aluminium paper
  • Steam Sea Fish of the day and Julienne of Carrots
  • Agar-Agar of fresh carrots and fresh mint

Tray 2 Detox

  • Iced Gold Green Tea
  • Bulgarian Entremet : Low fat yogurt with chopped cucumber
  • Garlic and fresh mint
  • Poultry Kebab Grilled with no Fat and Roasted garlic "Confit"
  • Poached Pear in Tamarin juice with low fat sorbet

Tray 3 Full Strenght

  • Cold low fat milk mixed with fresh coconut
  • White Cold Entremet Flo Style
  • Low Fat yogurt with chopped green apples, spinach and nuts, salt, pepper and fresh mint
  • Poultry's Breast, steam cooked braised greeneries
    Ricotta with mint dressing